The production work on So Right So Smart was primarily conducted by a 3-person crew. The film was shot in DVCPro HD with the Panasonic HDX-900 and HVX-200.

Post-production was completed in-house at MagicWig Production’s facilities in Upstate New York. Both the off-line and the on-line edit were done in 720p HD using Final Cut Pro.

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Co-Directed by: Justin Maine, Guy Noerr, Leanne Robinson Maine & Michael Swantek
Executive Producer: Guy Noerr
Producers: Justin Maine, Leanne Robinson Maine
Editor: Michael Swantek
Associate Producer: Scott Ryder
Story: Justin Maine, Leanne Robinson Maine, Michael Swantek, Guy Noerr
Screenplay: David Robinson, Leanne Robinson Maine
Original Score: Joe Kraemer
Sound Designer: Art Snay
Senior Location Sound Mixer: Christopher Haines
Grips: Christopher Haines, Stephen Ross
Second Camera Operators: Dan Swinton, Rob Davidian, Stephen Ross, Michael Swantek
Location Interviewers: Leanne Robinson Maine, Justin Maine, Guy Noerr, Michael Swantek
Location Photography: Stephen Ross
Second Unit DP: Timothy Brown
Assistant Editors: Andrew Spain, Leanne Robinson Maine, Jason Valentine
Editing Assistants: Ryan Walsh-Bates, Gordy Hendrick
Motion Graphics: Kinghorse Motion Graphics
MagicWig Graphics & Animatics Team: Andrew Spain, Dan Swinton, Kaitlin Howard, Daniel DeFabio


There was a moment in time when one CEO stood up and said, ‘This isn’t right.’
Rick FedrizziCEOU.S. Green Building Council
Notable Film Quotes
For me the meaning of sustainability is quite simple. Its living as if we believed there was a future and it mattered.
Jonathan LashWorld Resources Institute