SRSS_DVDCoverSo Right So Smart inspires viewers by celebrating businesses that have begun to take positive steps toward an environmentally sustainable future. It showcases the success and ingenuity of cutting edge companies that are “doing well by doing good.”

At the heart of the story is entrepreneur Ray Anderson, whose environmental epiphany in 1994 inspired him to convert his billion-dollar carpet company from a “well-oiled machine” to a restorative enterprise by 2020.

So Right So Smart includes examples from many other companies that have built successful business models around the core values of environmental stewardship.

The film has screened at over 30 film festivals across the globe and has played in theaters across the country, and has been recognized with numerous international awards.

Ray Anderson – Entrepreneur & Environmental Pioneer


Anchoring So Right So Smart is self-proclaimed “radical industrialist” Ray Anderson.  The Washington Post called Anderson “the Greenest CEO in America” for his crusade to turn his billion-dollar carpet company into an environmentally sustainable enterprise.

Up until his death in 2011, Anderson pursued his visionary goal of “Mission Zero”, to reduce Interface’s impact on the environment to zero footprint by 2020.  He told the New York Times: “I always make the business case for sustainability. It’s so compelling. Our costs are down, not up. Our products are the best they have ever been. . . . And the goodwill in the marketplace — it’s just been astonishing.”

Interface remains firmly committed to Ray Anderson’s vision, which has saved the company hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Ray C. Anderson Foundation now aims to help create a better world for Tomorrow’s Child through research and funding of other like-minded missions and initiatives.