The production work on So Right So Smart was primarily conducted by a 3-person crew. The film was shot in DVCPro HD with the Panasonic HDX-900 and HVX-200.

Post-production was completed in-house at MagicWig Production’s facilities in Upstate New York. Both the off-line and the on-line edit were done in 720p HD using Final Cut Pro.


Co-Directed by: Justin Maine, Guy Noerr, Leanne Robinson Maine & Michael Swantek
Executive Producer: Guy Noerr
Producers: Justin Maine, Leanne Robinson Maine
Editor: Michael Swantek
Associate Producer: Scott Ryder
Story: Justin Maine, Leanne Robinson Maine, Michael Swantek, Guy Noerr
Screenplay: David Robinson, Leanne Robinson Maine
Original Score: Joe Kraemer
Sound Designer: Art Snay
Senior Location Sound Mixer: Christopher Haines
Grips: Christopher Haines, Stephen Ross
Second Camera Operators: Dan Swinton, Rob Davidian, Stephen Ross, Michael Swantek
Location Interviewers: Leanne Robinson Maine, Justin Maine, Guy Noerr, Michael Swantek
Location Photography: Stephen Ross
Second Unit DP: Timothy Brown
Assistant Editors: Andrew Spain, Leanne Robinson Maine, Jason Valentine
Editing Assistants: Ryan Walsh-Bates, Gordy Hendrick
Motion Graphics: Kinghorse Motion Graphics
MagicWig Graphics & Animatics Team: Andrew Spain, Dan Swinton, Kaitlin Howard, Daniel DeFabio