“A powerful message of profound business opportunity.”
— Amit Jain, MBA – LEED AP Management Consultant

“It’s hard to see the movie and not come away an evangelist.”
-Tom Klein, CEO, Digital Scientists

“A visionary film that proves sustainability is good for the earth and good for your business.”
— Joanne Bohigian, President/CEO, Foster City Chamber of Commerce

“The film has all the polish of a big-budget Hollywood feature… and the message that it delivers about sustainability is awe inspiring.”
-Thomas White, Online Movie Reviewer

So Right So Smart quickly and compellingly makes the case for why doing business sustainably is not only needed, but can be exceptionally profitable.”
– Paul Smith, GreenSmith Consulting

So Right So Smart thinks like a businessman: it wants to make money and look cool in the process. About 15 minutes into this film and you’ll no longer feel like you’re in a movie theater, but rather sitting in a stock holder’s meeting getting fired up about your company’s new direction.”
-Matthew Abshire,

So Right So Smart shows how ecologically sound business practices foster better business practices in general… a truly inspirational film that should be required viewing for all our politicians and captains of industry.”
-Reel Earth New Zealand

So Right So Smart... succeeds big time. The documentary showcases household business names that have turned the green corner and profited.”
– Green Business Bureau

So Right So Smart should be required viewing for every executive and every employee in every corporation with more than 50 people. It’s great to have environmental films that are positive with practical traction, but to have films be about positive, practical, and proven examples in the world of big business is vital.”

“Recommended. An excellent feature-length documentary profiling the leaders of the movement integrating environmental sustainability in business practices. Ray Anderson has an amazing screen presence and his story is expertly told.”
– Educational Media Reviews Online

“Excellent and well-pitched to a number of levels of students – some of whom may well prove to be the Ray Andersons of the future.”
–Prof. Eric W. Orts, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“With inspiring stories and interviews with leading environmentalists, this film would be excellent for high school business or environmental studies classes.”
– Green Teacher Magazine